Glass railings


Aluminum railings can be made in combination with triplex glass in different colors - the main ones are brown, gray, blue, green and, of course, usually transparent glass. Using glasses of varying thickness, the color may be pale or dense. Glasses can also be painted with a special lacquer to fit perfectly into the building's architecture. All glasses can be matted in their entirety, or they can be painted on your own taste and design, as well as a company logo, a restaurant, a hotel, and so on. For filling, we also use polycarbonate and plexiglass, which, in addition to very strong and unbreakable, give unlimited color choice, suitable for places where there is a high risk of fracture, and where it is necessary to bend the filling itself.As there are no horizontal elements, the glass-filled rails are suitable for terraces and balconies.

Railings with tubular filling

Tubular balusters are especially suitable for stair rails.

They are standard in height from 0.900mm to 1.05m and 3 to 6pcs. horizontal pipes Ø16 mm.

Any combinations, bending of the profiles and positioning of the strings are possible both horizontally and vertically.



The cost per linear meter is based on the type and number of materials and varies widely. The price is formed by the following factors:

  • Height of railing
  • Length of railing
  • Number of bends
  • Approximate number of columns
  • Type of filling
  • Color and thickness of the glass if the filler is glass
  • Number and location of the strings if the filler is a pipe
  • Mounting type: standard or side

To be sure about the price, contact us and we will come to a consultation on place.


Dear ladies and gentlemen,

We are trading partners with SEVROLL and offer their systems. The company is a manufacturer of aluminum systems for sliding, breaking, hinging and transitional doors. The company was established in 1996 in Poland. It has been selling internationally since 2004. including on the Bulgarian market. The "SEVROLL" mechanisms are distinguished by their exceptional ease of installation, original design, style, ergonomics and a 5 year warranty.