Installation is usually done after the laying of the floorings without the risk of bursting the steps or tiles

Aluminum railings

Aluminum railings require no maintenance except elementary wiping ....

Upon customer request

It is possible to perform more non-standard models, invented by you and with a little idea from us.



The price per 1 linear meter is based on the type and number of materials and varies widely .....


Kasabov & Sons Ltd

Kasabov and Sons Ltd is a company specializing in production and installation of façade, staircase and terraced railings. Established in 2006 in Plovdiv city, Bulgaria, the company has proved to be a reliable and stable partner. Over the years, it has been realizing projects all across the country.

The railings of Kasabov and Sons Ltd are made of high quality aluminium, of a combination between aluminium and glass or glass only. They are suitable for offices, restaurants, homes and hotels and are characterized by high architectural and aesthetic standards, while providing security and easy maintenance. These qualities expand the possibilities for architects and designers to find efficient interior and exterior solutions.

The materials, from which the railings of Kassabov and Sons Ltd are made, have all the necessary certificates of quality and reliability that meet the European safety and security standards. The company has a qualified team and precise equipment. This allows for permanent maintenance of the finished product and short manufacturing times (including installation). Such engineering and manufacturing potential also offers the development of individual projects tailored to the specific needs and requirements of customers or the market as a whole.


Manufacturing base:
Yagodovo, Plovdiv Region, Bulgaria
Cell phone: +359 898 202 888
E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.